Wednesday, November 16, 2016

thanksgiving napkins

I love Thanksgiving!
I found these napkins today and thought...
"How lovely they will look on our Thanksgiving table."
Starting to get really excited.
The first out of town guests will start arriving on Monday night.

I spent most of yesterday cleaning the Viking.
The oven self-cleaned.
all of the grates were scoured and put through the dishwasher 
along with all knobs and other accessories.
The top is clean enough to eat on.
I was going to ask Bubba if we could not use it until TG, 
but we have to eat 
which means that we have to use the stove.
Having salmon tonight.

All bedrooms will be in use!
Full house!
Clean, soft, cozy linens!
All rooms dusted from top to bottom and all windows shining bright.
I've been working on the windows for a while.
on a ladder,
with the hose,
 hot soapy water,
 and a big brush.
They are so clean they shine and sparkle.

So thankful.
God is so good.
Thanksgiving is actually every day,
but its nice having one day totally devoted to it.
Big feast,
"In everything, give thanks."

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