Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Halloween 2016

These are my South Florida grandsons...
Jake is Spiderman,
(not surprising)

Eli is Dead Pool.
We had fun shopping for all of Dead Pool's swords etc
when these guys came to visit a few days ago.

They left their candy on the porch
while trick or treating in their neighborhood.
One house was giving out money.
The first 100 kids got a bright, shiny, silver dollar.
I love how neat Amanda left their goodies.
The boys made it back in time to give some treats out too.

Bubba and I got to join these amazing characters
on their trek around the neighborhood.
Trick or Treating started out slow,
bu they all soon got the hang of it and came home with buckets full of candy.

Harry as Harry Potter.
(He read the first book and we watched the first movie together)
He earned the right to be HP.

Lucy as an adorable black kitty.
(she is a really good purrer)

Arch went as a Cubs baseball player.
He got rave reviews.

Gus is Batman...

Halloween is such a good, fun time for the kids.
Lots of people out...
everybody was well behaved and thankful.

Thank you Lord for these grandkids!
That I can be involved in their lives is such a huge blessing.

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