Thursday, November 10, 2016

charlotte bell

We met for lunch at Macaroni Grill to plan for Thanksgiving,
which, believe it or not, happens two weeks from today.
Sally, Liz, Charlotte, and myself
enjoyed lunch and a lot of laughter and fun.

This little girl is growing and becoming her own little person.
I so enjoyed being with all of them.

We did a lot of talking about how glad we are that Trump won the election,
how much we are looking forward to all of the delicious
food items that we will prepare for the feast,
and how much we enjoy 
eating the leftovers.
Take out containers are planned for in advance.
(thanks to Sally)

This year we are honored to welcome
our niece Grace and her new husband Ivan to our home.
These plans have been made since last January.
Can't believe it is almost time to celebrate with them
at my most favorite holiday,

I just love getting in the kitchen with Bubba and Amanda on the day before,
preparing dish after dish,
setting the tables,
with the children in and out,
and just having so much fun being together.
Mark even joins in to make his famous pumpkin pie.

Thankful today for the hope that I feel for our country,
and for the beautiful weather.
I am especially thankful for God's word
which enriches my life every day.

So many blessings in my life.
Cannot ever forget!!

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