Saturday, November 5, 2016

the magnificent grandparents

Yesterday was Grandparents Day at Veritas Academy.
This day is that once a year chance that we
get to go into the classroom and watch the kids in action.

our sixth grader,
was in rare form standing at the white board 
translating a Latin sentence into English.
I was so impressed with her ability.

Archie is in first grade.
He was standing by the door greeting everyone when I got there.
His exuberance was contagious.
He is always happy and excited.
He showed me everything in the room in one minute flat.
He had made us a pretty picture.

Harry is that dreamy charmer I always talk about.
He had written a paragraph about us.
He read it in front of the class.
His words, above, brought tears to my eyes.
He was able to write everything that we do together
in such a sweet way.
Being called "Magnificent Grandparents" was the best.

Gus is in Kindergarten.
He was sick and didn't get to take part.

Being Grammy is definitely the best thing that has ever happened to me!!

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