Thursday, July 23, 2015

just hanging around....

The blessings of God in our life are too numerous to count.
His goodness to allow a time of  fun, fellowship, and relaxation with our family
is accepted thankfully by this Grammy and Granddaddy.

The spot above is on one of the decks at our beach house.
We have never been here before,
so there is much excitement.

There will be fishing and crabbing.
bike riding,
baseball on the beach after dinner,
long walks,
sunrises & sunsets,
taking some new pictures for my blog,
but best of all THE BEACH!!
I love any time I can be at the beach.
Will take my chair and an umbrella and soak it all up!

Best of all,
to have everybody under one roof
laughing, and eating together, and having fun.

Amanda has called it a
"rustic beach experience."
Just shorts and bathing suits.
Don't plan to leave the island for a week.

This place is very isolated...
no crowds or traffic.
Far enough away from civilization.
The nearest grocery store is fourteen miles.

Surely it is paradise found.
Thank you Lord.

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