Tuesday, July 21, 2015

pizza & checkers

Lucy & I are eating pizza for supper
and playing checkers.
This is her second night with me.
We have had a blast!

Today was sewing class.
She has almost finished making my apron.
We had brunch at the Funky this morning with Nathan and Trish.
The longer we stayed,
the more elaborate the pancakes became.
We had flowers and butterflies,
hearts and a Mickey Mouse.
Such a fun place to go with kids!!

We are having a Dolphin Tale marathon at night.
Last night we watched Dolphin Tale One,
and tonight we will watch Dolphin Tale Two.
We have packed a lot in.
Love spending time with my granddaughter....

At the sewing studio today
we lost her for a minute.
When she emerged from under the table,
she looked like this.....

She found some white tulle from a wedding dress and put it on.
Her teacher loves her, that's why she could do this.
Where ever she goes
she creates fun,
makes me laugh,
thrills my heart.
I love her so much.
You can probably tell.

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