Wednesday, July 29, 2015

alligator alley

So, the creek that runs behind our beach house is full of alligators.
We have a screened in porch that runs the full length of the house.
Every evening when we come up from the beach,
we congregate on the  porch and watch the alligator show,
and what a show it is!!!
Evidently, people who stay in this house feed them in the evening.
We decided to follow suit.
Bubba, our brave patriarch,
sailed some whole slices of bread down toward the big one in the picture
who had come up almost to our lawn.
The bread missed its mark because of the wind.
went down there where the alligator was, emerging with a shovel,
retrieved the wayward bread slices,
placed them in the perfect spot,
and came back up to the porch.
Sure enough, Drifter, (of course the kids named him immediately),
came all the way up on the path to grab his treat.
What an amazing show!

#Salt life is the best life.
#Could stay here forever.

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