Friday, July 31, 2015

six minus one is no fun

Every time we do a family vacation at the beach,
someone ends up in the hospital.
First it was Harry,
found at the bottom of the swimming pool.
Then it was me,
a bike ride disaster.
This year it was Jake,
downed by a stomach virus,
landed in the big house with dehydration.
He came home this morning to much jubilation,
Still not 100%,
but at least he is home to the beach house.
He and Mark are sleeping right now.
So very thankful that both of them are here.
Last day...
sitting on the porch watching a thunderstorm,
trying to decide if our last
"on the beach day"
will happen.
We have hoped for a thunderstorm all week
and on the last day we get it.
This porch has been the best thing ever...
already planning to come back here next summer.
They say bad things come in threes....
Hopefully next time we can avoid the hospital!
Love, love, love the beach life!

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