Monday, July 6, 2015


This is one of my favorites.
Our precious Lucy holding baby Charlotte.

"You, O God, 
have given Your son Jesus Christ
 power over all flesh,
that He should give eternal life 
to as many as 
You have given Him."
John 17:2

"This is a literal statement of fact.
God has given His Son Jesus Christ power over everything.
There is nothing that is not placed under Him.
You realize what this means....
The universe, 
the cosmos,
every star in its orbit,
the sun and moon,
every power,
every atom with its magnetic force and power,
all are under His power.
Everything in nature and creation,
man and all his power,
his devices,
 his machinations,
everything that He is capable of doing,
it is all under the power of God,
the power of Christ.

It goes even beyond that,
the whole of future history
 is in the hands of the Lord Jesus Christ.

You may be worried about the international situation,
the situation in our own land...
you need not be
because the whole of history is in His hands,

Of course, we do not understand it all.
He permits many things that we do not understand,
but the fact that He permits it means that it is still in His power.
There is nothing out of hand."

Martyn Lloyd Jones
Assurance of Salvation

Basking in the wonder of it all!!!!!

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