Tuesday, July 7, 2015

boiled peanuts

Its definitely a southern thing!

Go to the store,
buy some green peanuts,
bring them home and wash them good in the sink
until all of the dirt is gone.
Then put them in a big pot filled with water.
Let them boil all afternoon until they are soft and sumptuous.
and don't forget to pour 
a half a box of salt in the water.

Worth it?
Yes, Yes!!!!

My Moma always had a pot of peanuts cooking on the stove in the summer.
My Daddy loved them.
I was raised on boiled peanuts.
I even married a man who loves them too.

our house has that wonderful smell.

I put this picture on facebook earlier.
I was surprised at how many people"liked" the page.
People raised in the south,
really like boiled peanuts.

Boiled peanuts....
Its a southern thing!
Its a summer thing!
I love!!!

(I only just ate a few)
It does matter that I eat healthy!!
Don't want any more stones to form in my body.

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