Sunday, July 19, 2015

getting his eagles

I promised myself this morning that I would write today.
Ever since I have been sick, I have had writer's block.
Never been quite this bad before.
I could not think of one thing to say.
I do love to write though.
Thank you faithful readers for bearing with.

The summer of 2015 has been very different for me.
The Lord slowed me down.
He has given me a joy and contentment
that I have never had before.
Much time in God's word and Martyn L. Jones'
Assurance of Salvation.
Beaten down,
 He led me to reread this classic and be refreshed.
Bubba is reading it too.
We do a lot of coming together for discussion
on this one.

I have also been reading Bodie Thoene's 
Zion Covenant.
Six books ~ almost 3,000 pages,
I have been immersed in the Nazi culture.
Feels like I've lived through the end of the 1930's
in Germany, Austria and Poland.
I am truly addicted to this time period.
I constantly ask myself,
"How could this have happened?"
But I see the same types of atrocities 
going on in our great country.
Our freedom is going away....
A little every day.
So sad!

Above you see a newspaper clipping from
April 1, 1998.
Bubba is getting his eagles pinned on.
There is a big smile on his face.
I just showed him this picture and said,
"I think this was the happiest day of your life."
He said,
"No, the happiest day of my life was when I married you."
Forty five + years later!!
Made my day!!

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