Tuesday, September 15, 2015

happy birthday harry #8

Eight is Great.

you have brought us blessings for eight whole years now.
A little, tiny baby 
came to Savannah when he was two weeks old 
 to attend his great grandmother's funeral.
Everybody eewed & awwed over you.
One life over ~ one just beginning.
What a joy you were!!

Now you like things like Power Rangers and Pokemon cards
bikes and skateboards,
 and climbing to the top of the world.

Now you are doing second grade,
you are reading chapter books,
you are doing lots of hard homework,
art classes,
and making lots of friends.
You proudly wear the uniform of Veritas Academy,
even to your birthday party.

You got a big bike with hand brakes and gears,
you took off and rode it without a single problem....
(we were all a little worried)
You, on the other hand are fearless.

Happy Birthday Harry!
Your Grammy and Granddaddy love you so much!

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