Tuesday, September 22, 2015

seeing hearts again

Early in the morning,
before we get up to start the new day,
something extremely monumental will happen.
At exactly 4:21,
on September 23, 2015,
Fall will arrive to greet us.

"Autumn has caught us in our summer wear."
Phillip Larkin

Yes, the poet says it very well indeed.
It is still hot and muggy
in the deep south.
The bugs are still biting.
The fake cool air is still coursing through the house.
I am barefoot and wearing shorts
and drinking lemonade.

out on the newly mowed lawn,
there are a few gold and orange leaves.
The trees are gradually turning colors.
The days are surely shorter,
and the mornings 
hold just a hint of what may be considered 
cool air.

I am thankful for fall and excited by its appearing.
I just never want to let go of summer.

Thank you God for changing things up,
for bringing different
 colors and temperatures in our lives.
For short days when candles so beautifully
illuminate the darkness.

You are our God, 
You made us,
You know what we need,
You provide!

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