Saturday, September 12, 2015


This will be short,
I hope.
I have something else to say about words.
Sometimes they hurt...
Here is the problem....

I don't know when I started.
I do know it was a long time ago.
This is in no way a boast,
every morning I write a Psalm
First I write a Psalm in my large, 
spiral bound notebook,
and then
I write it again in my prayer book to pray back to God..
That is a lot of writing,
but I love doing this.
It helps me focus,
and I have learned so much about Him.

my right wrist had been getting sorer and sorer.
I thought I might have had carpel tunnel,
but it isn't that.
Yesterday I went to a physical therapist.
Immediately he diagnosed
the problem......
Dequervains syndrome.
bottom line is this,
I have put too much stress on my wrist
from all the writing.
I have to stop for a while,
maybe forever at that level.

He promised he could help with the pain
within two weeks.
I left there,
not with a brace like I thought,
but taped.

Taped, and not able to write.
Life is full of all kinds of surprises.
Thankful tonight that I can soon be pain free,
and that I can still read God's word,
even through I can't write it.

This wasn't short. :)...:(

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