Friday, September 25, 2015

washed ashore....

Last week at the beach...
This is our Lu.
she had just washed ashore.
That is sand in her hair.
 I was thinking how much this picture reminds me of Ariel...
The Little Mermaid.

One time Lucy told me a secret...
this was when she was much younger.
She looked up at me and whispered..............
"Grammy, I really AM a mermaid."
I watched her in the pool that summer mimicking mermaids.
I think she really thought she was.

I don't want her to grow up and lose that innocence.
I know its coming,
that's why I cherish every moment of childhood.
Every silly song,
every burst of hysterical laughter,
(usually for some reason while we are driving together)
every corny joke,
every time in grammy's big tub,
every kiss goodnight and morning snuggle,
every secret.
What a joy is this little girl named Lucy!

This is what I cherish...
"The Wonder of it All."
"Let our daughters be
 as corner pillars fashioned as for a palace"
Psalm 144:12b

(Someone who reads this will know exactly what this verse means.)

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