Wednesday, September 2, 2015

just a little over a mile.....

....from this idyllic scene,
is the beautiful and majestic
castle of Cinderella.

This is the view from our balcony at
Shades of Green,
the Armed Forces Resort in the center of
Walt Disney World.

Sitting there, 
watching the sun come up,
watching the deer graze on the golf course, 
you would never know you were anywhere near 
the epicenter of the world's most famous 
Amusement Park.

these wild turkeys were frequent visitors
every afternoon,
because the hotel guests feed them so well.

Bubba and I have been going to Disney World
ever since it first opened back in the early seventies.
There is plenty of magic there.

You travel by monorail,
you soar over California,
you wear poncho's when it rains,
you eat Mickey Mouse waffles for breakfast,
you walk for miles,
you see lots of tiny princesses,
you ride the people mover when you want to rest,
you ride high in the sky on Dumbo,
you travel back in time, 
you eat caramel corn,
you catch brief glances of people like
 Snow White,
you try to beat each other at Buzz's shooting gallery.
Lunch is always at the Mexican Pavilion in Epcot,
you finish every night eating a Dole Whip ice cream cone
at the Polynesian,
you get really, really tired,
you sleep like a baby.

We just returned from spending three nights at this wonderful place,
We are already talking about when we can go again.

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