Sunday, August 30, 2015

discovery cove ~ yesterday

My only regret is that I did not ride the dolphin
at Discovery Cove yesterday.
I opted out and regret,
but such is life.
This was our first time at "the cove,"
and it certainly was all the wonderful we had heard.
The picture above is right before we left...
the rain came about 3pm
and ran us away.
I had just gotten out of the lazy river
where we floated away life's cares and stresses.
My hair was still dripping wet.
Jake and Eli stayed in their wetsuits all day long.
There was scubering,
the bird aviary,
the dolphin swim,
the lazy river,
free food and snacks all day,
hammocks and lounge chairs,
clear blue water and white sandy beaches.
We found paradise....again.
It was one of those days
 that I will relive over and over
 in my heart and my head.
Thank you Mark & Amanda
for making it happen.

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