Monday, August 24, 2015


She had just gotten up.
Her beautiful eyes were still puffy from sleep.
Lucy always comes and sits with me in my big white chair
first thing in the morning.
She had her Puppy and her Lily.
Lily is a blanket that my dad gave me.
He got it free from the countless charities to which he gave money.
She has claimed it as her own.
We sit together for a while and talk
before getting on with our day.
Times like these, you know, are priceless.

She and I have been going to sewing lessons all summer.
On Saturday past,
I thought for sure that she would
finish the apron she has been working on so diligently,
but it was not to be.
On Saturday,
Mel, the wiener dog was there at the sewing studio.
Mel, the wiener dog, as lovable as he was,
became a huge distraction.
He took a liking to Lucy and she to him.
before the two hour lesson was over, they were bonded together
like glue.
The apron remained unfinished.
I thought sure I would be modeling it for you by now!!!
Watching Lucy with Mel was the best
I found all of this hugely enjoyable.

I ~ Love ~ Lucy!

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