Saturday, August 15, 2015

conference on the beach

Bubba to Cathy....
"You have been on this beach all day long.....
don't you think its time to come on back up to the house?"

Cathy to Bubba...
"I'll be up in just a little while,
I need to watch the sun get all the way down."

My ability to load pictures onto my computer
has ceased.
Along about # 500 of the 600 beach pictures
it sighed and said "no more."
Our computer guy has been alerted...
I am on hold until he shows up.

This greatly affects our E-Bay business.
If you can't get pictures of your merchandise on,
nothing can sell.
We are up over $2000.00 now.
The 50th anniversary family cruise is taking shape.
In 5 years
when the cruise will take place,
Jake will be 15,
Lucy will be 14,
Eli will be 13,
Harry will be 12,
Archie will be 12,
and Gus will be 8.
Plenty of time, if the Lord wills,
to save more money for this fabulous event.

Thanking God for a great start to the school year 
for all of the above,
except for Gus.
He has one more year as a free man.

This is the middle verse of the Bible....
"It is better to trust in the Lord,
than to put confidence in man."
Psalm 117:8

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