Tuesday, August 18, 2015

keeping gus.......

......is such a pleasure,
but it doesn't leave me much time 
to think about and write a blog.
We just finished reading Cinderella.
I love that he loves that story!
Bedtime kisses were sweet tonight.

Soon he won't be four anymore.
I will miss four,
but look forward to five.

Our day starts early with pancakes and chocolate milk.
I always rise early to get a head start when I'm keeping kids.
A bubble bath,
a few songs,
a book or two read,
and he's out the door with his granddaddy 
to visit friends and family.

We read some more when he gets home.
He looks at a movie
(so that I can rest)
and then we play games ,
do spelling work,
and read some more books.

Sometimes I think,
How in the world were we so blessed
to have this little Ethiopian boy
in our family?
What a joy he is with his
southern accent
 his beautiful eyes,
his chocolate skin,
and his smile,
O that smile!!

Lord, you have been so kind to him.
You have brought him here to us,
He is being raised to love you.
his heart will always be yours.

I love you Gus!!!

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