Tuesday, August 11, 2015

in the ocean....

There's no where else I'd rather be,
than floating here in the deep blue sea.

Already, the days are getting shorter,
the kids are going back to school,
summer is coming to an end.

For me,
this summer has been very different.
My usual frenzy of activity was cut short.
Back in the middle of June
I was sidelined,
stopped in my tracks,
given a mandate that was not my own.

The Lord decided 
that I needed to stop doing what I was doing
and start on another path,

The yard that I left on the evening of June 15th,
has not been touched since.
The flowers are still growing, but they need fertilizer and care.
Much debris is on the ground.
 Weeds have sprung up and grown quite large.

The kidney stone, surgery, and long recuperation
were not in my plan book.
In spite of the misery though,
I was able to read...a lot.
That is what God wanted me to do.
Much soul work has been accomplished.

Quiet places,
alone a lot,
learning to be content,
what it means to be justified and sanctified,
to be "in Christ."
Joyously reading the book of Acts,
as the new church gets started,
wishing for that unity and fellowship and giving spirit in the church today.
Slogging through Romans...
agreeing with Paul about what a wretched girl I am.
Being thankful that Christ died for me,
and that I have been reconciled to God by His blood...
and all that truth implies.

And O, that book by Martin L, Jones...
"Assurance of Salvation."
I've read it before,
but this time every chapter has jumped off the page at me.

Yes, its been a different summer!!!
Looking back though,
I consider it one of the best summers I have every had.
So thankful for the healing power of the truth
for my body and my mind.

I'm very thankful for that vacation too.
It came at just the right time.

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