Thursday, August 13, 2015

these kids..... the beach.
These kids are happy here
basking in the glow of the late afternoon sun.
It doesn't matter if they are in the water,
or covered in sand,
it is all magical.

I love the look on Gus' face 
as he watches the antics of his older cousins.
Archie has grown to love the beach in his short time here.
You would think he had been raised on it as the rest of these have,
Lucy is kneeling on her boogie,
and is covered in mud.
Jake and Eli are so filled with joy
that it is literally bursting out of them.
And Harry...
well Harry is in "hog heaven" on the beach as well.

"Grandchildren are the crown of old age."
That's what the Bible says.
It is so true.
They are the blessings that allow you to be a child again.
To experience the world through their eyes.
To see the wonders that they see,
to ride the waves,
to write on the sand,
to build sandcastles,
to collect shells,
to be filled with joy at the sight of a dolphin.

These guys were handpicked by God to be ours.
I think He did a marvelous job.
Each is unique in his or her own way.
You can see this in the picture.

They are gifts,
Thank You Lord God in heaven!!!

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