Sunday, August 9, 2015


First ever picture of me blogging.
Amanda had my camera for most of the beach week.
She took random shots.
Of course,
I could never take a picture of myself writing,
so I am glad to have this.

I am writing blog #2,318.
I started Koinonia back in June of 2007.
Eight years ago.
Who would have thought it would have lasted this long.

I just went back and read some of my early posts.
(the first 30)
I didn't know how to include pictures,
so the posts were just words....
I struggled with spelling,
I worked really hard to get it going.
I persevered.

We were living in Washington, DC,
in a high rise
 on the eleventh floor.
Bubba had my cat Priscilla of Tyrone put down
while I was on one of my many trips to  
Both of our moms were nearing death.
Soon we would make the decision to move back home to Savannah.
It was right about that time that the grand babies
started to come around.

In the writings and pictures on my blog since that time,,
I have watched our grandchildren grow.
I have chronicled 
our trips,
our holiday celebrations,
our family gatherings,
all of the good times!
I have posted much about the God that I love,
and His word that I cherish.
Hopefully, every post gives the glory to Him,
because without Him,
I am absolutely nothing at all.

What a journal,
a keepsake,
a treasure!

Thank you for sharing my life,
for reading my posts,
for loving my pictures,
for putting up with me when I get writer's block and
 don't write for weeks at a time
for in so many ways conveying to me how much 
you enjoy my Koinonia Blog.

I plan to keep writing,
until I run completely out of anything to say.
:) cathyc :)

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