Friday, August 7, 2015

thumbs up

Mark seems to have found 
just the right spot for his chair on the beach.

Eli is out in the ocean with his thumb up.
Seems as if the water is
just right!!!

Jake and Eli 
spent many hours on the beach 
burying super heros 
in the sand.
Jake approves of what has been done.

I really have no idea why all of these thumbs were up.
Seems as if before Jake's illness manifested itself,
and before the golf car incident with
Eli and the new Honda Pilot,
everything was just right!!

I never saw Amanda with her thumb up...
no, not one time.
but I know she had a great week
in spite of  it all.
Somehow, when you are living at the beach,
you just cope with things better.

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