Saturday, August 8, 2015

beach week with david's fam

David & Erika.....
still haven't finished their conversation.

The three musketeers....
brothers connected at the hip.
It doesn't take blood to make you a brother.
Is Harry trying to get in on the Hollingsworth thumbs up event?

Lucy and her dad strolling on the beach.
Lucy became a full on fishergirl on this trip.
She justs loves to
 "drop a line" in the water.

Archie boogie boarding in the surf.
He loves what we do over here in America!

facing the waves head on.

unaware of the bird over her head.

his handsome self.

trying his best to fly.

Lucy and her dad...
surveying the surf and wondering why it was
a "red flag" day.

Standing in the glow of a beautiful summer evening.
the best ever...
week at the beach!

To God goes all thanksgiving and praise!!!!

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