Saturday, September 5, 2015

irrational fear

This lizard has taken up residence in the wreath
on my front door.
He prances around like he owns the place,
and has rendered me
unable to use the front entrance to our house.
You know,
if I open the door he could dart in
and then what would I do?
There would be a lizard in my house,
and I would be freaking!

Here's the deal.
I am trying to do better.
When I see one,
 I stop,
take a deep breath,
remember that they are harmless,
and move on.

Lucy always tells me,
"Grammy, they will just run away from you."
I know that,
but they still make my blood run cold.

This is a lifelong fear.
A phobia with no rationality,
a dread that is real.
I just pray that none of my boy grandchildren
will ever bring one for me to see,
or worse yet,
put one on my person.

The guy in the picture is just a baby...
very tiny.
When I cropped, he looks bigger than he is.
I can't believe I took this picture....
that I put it on my blog.
Making progress,
I guess.

*All guests must now come in via the garage
until further notice.

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