Wednesday, November 4, 2015

very, very thankful

A Quick update......
about Bubba.

Thanks for all of you who care and have been praying.
Such a dangerous fall he took,
and yet,
He didn't break a bone in his body.
Very, very thankful!

His black eye is getting blacker,
he broke his glasses,
the skin is scraped off of his knees,
but he fared well in 
the book of falls.

Special thanks to Frankie for getting the golf cart back 
on Monday morning.
Thanks also to David and Frankie
for sitting with me at the hospital Sunday night.
Thankful for Amanda 
who was planning to get in her car
 and drive here that very night....
and for her help and encouragement
 to get me through a 
very scary night.

We live daily in God's Grace and Mercy.
There is never a time when He stops caring about His children.
We stumble and fall but
He lifts us up...
He sends His ministering angels,
(This angel was a man who got Bubba up and to the van,)
And then He causes all of you to pray.
What a Savior we have!!!

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