Monday, November 9, 2015

another heart....

Church was wonderful yesterday...
the music,the preaching, the teaching.
Bubba and I came home and grabbed a quick sandwich
before thinking about a little rest.
I had almost bit into this chip when I saw it....
another heart.
I have an obsession with
"seeing hearts."
Nice that this one is even outlined.
Always little reminders
of how much God loves us and keeps us in His care.

Saturday afternoon
 Bubba and I were driving down to the beach
when this rainbow appeared. 
It took my breath away.
This was the widest, brightest one I had ever seen.
When I see a rainbow,
I always am reminded that God keeps ALL of His promises.
His goodness is forever.
He has promised eternal life through His 
Son Jesus Christ,
and He will keep that promise.
Bubba and I have enjoyed reading the book
Heaven by Randy Alcorn,
so looking forward to being there.

Just two simple observations,
a potato chip 
and a rainbow....
but what reminders 
from our Awesome God and Father!!!!

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