Tuesday, November 10, 2015

little red schoolhouse

A couple of weeks ago,
Jake and his fourth grade class
 took a field trip to a little red school house 
that had been restored 
somewhere down there in Florida 
where they live. 
Most everyone dressed in period costumes.
This picture is a little blurry,
but Jake is on the back row to the left.
That's his teacher with the long blonde hair.
From what I  heard,
everyone had a great time
how school used to be done!

Notice the old timey desks,
wooden floors,
and the big smile on Jake.
I love Him!!!!

So, speaking of school...
I used to teach third grade.
In my very first class,
I had a student that was a standout.
He was adorably cute,
and much smarter than I would ever be...
even then.
Not surprisingly,
He is now my doctor.

Well, I went to see him today.
He grabbed me up in a great big hug
 and couldn't get over how I looked just the same as I did way back then.
did I mention,
he was charming too?

I love this little boy who became my doctor.
How thankful I am for the privilege
 to shape his mind just a little bit.

God gives great gifts to His children!
Of that I am sure!

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