Thursday, November 19, 2015


"The old sorrow,
through the great mystery of human life,
passes gradually into quiet, tender joy;
the fiery blood of youth
 gives way
 to the gentle serenity of old age.

I bless the rising sun each day,
and my heart sings to it as of old,
but now I love its setting even more,
its long, slanting rays
and the quiet, gentle, tender memories
 that come with them;
the dear images
 from the whole of my long and blessed life....
and over it all divine Truth,
tender, reconciling, and all forgiving!

My life is drawing to a close.
I know that.
I feel it.

But I also feel every day that is left to me 
how my earthly life is already in tune with a new,
but fast approaching future life,
 the anticipation of which 
sets my soul trembling with rapture,
 my mind glowing, 
and my heart weeping with joy......."

The Bothers Karamazov

I have never read more beautiful words than these
concerning getting old and dying 
and the future life that awaits us in Christ.

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