Tuesday, November 3, 2015

the fall

Sunday afternoon
 this guy and I 
set out to have one last golf cart ride 
before we had to turn it back in.
We had rented it for the whole weekend 
with its primary use being for 
Halloween night.

We parked the van at the golf cart rental place,
and commenced to begin walking to my brother's house
where the cart was parked.

the first step onto the cart path,
Bubba tripped and fell onto the asphalt,
face down.
He hit hard and fast.
Bleeding from both of his knees,
his arm, and his head,
he was a mess.

He managed to get up and back to the van
where I doctored his wounds.
So far so good.
I convinced him to let me drive.
By the time we got back to the house,
He was in bad shape....
white as a sheet,
with a pain in his stomach
 that was quickly getting worse. 

The ambulance got here quickly.
They loaded him up in the pouring rain.
I followed in the van.

Many scans later,
we were told the diagnosis...
internal bleeding in the stomach area 
from a blood vessel tear.
He was admitted for observation
and possible surgery if the bleeding didn't stop,

We can't stop talking about the 
mercy and grace of God
 in this situation.
The scan yesterday morning showed that the bleeding had stopped
and he was discharged for home.

He is doing so well.
Lots of black and blue,
a black eye,
soreness all over,
but nothing broken.

He wanted a steak tonight
and we went to Longhorn
where he graciously
 allowed me
 to take this picture of his 
black eye
that is getting worse as the minutes pass.

Scary times,
but the sweet grace of God

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