Sunday, November 15, 2015

moving & bubble baths

4 kids and a house to empty,
we lost granddaddy's help because of his fall.

Bottom line....
David and Erika sold their house before they found one to move into.
The closing is very soon,
They had to move out of the house that was sold so quickly.

So...they found a furnished rental at the beach,
(they can look at the ocean every day (:
Seems like a dream to me!!

This past week was chaos.
Kids still had to be gotten to school
 picked up,
looked after,
 and encouraged.
Homework had to be done,
bedtime rituals...
Some of that was done at their home, 
and some of it here.

Boxes had to be packed with the belongings of 6 people....
Some to go to the beach,
some to storage,
some to trash.

Attics and sheds had to be emptied...
Thanks Doug and Diane.

Then yesterday....
the movers came,
great friends,
who did the heavy loads with lots of spunk!!!!

After that,
Several van loads were taken to the beach 
and transported up a long, narrow staircase 
into their lovely apartment. 
God sent an angel to help with this,
A stranger who offered his hands and his legs.

David, Erika, and I 
were left to deal with the dregs yesterday afternoon.
When we left there,
the job was mostly done.

During the time we were working,
the kids had a continual
"going away party"
with their back door friends.
They had Chick Fil A,
corn dogs,
 ice cream,
stale cereal,
sugary drinks,
and who knows what else
 causing spats and crazy behavior,
pouts and screams
and lastly,
 tears of farewell.
It was a fabulous last day 
at the only house any of them remember living in.

heads bonked,
lots of band aides later,
we closed the door to go home.

What a tiring, productive, joyous week we had!
There was LOTS of laughing going on.
Hard work is the stuff of life!
God is so good!!!

This is why I haven't been writing for a few days.
In fact,
while getting ready to go to church this morning,
I discovered I didn't have any
 to wear.
Haven't had any time to 
wash clothes.
{ I'm doing that now }
{ On Sunday }


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