Wednesday, December 16, 2015


He and his family were at Disney last week,
celebrating Lindsey's birthday,
enjoying his favorite little spot on the earth,
riding the boats, 
enjoying it all through the eyes of Cameron and 
sweet little Charlotte.

He was having some pains,
but they would subside.
He kept on going in the true tradition of an
O'Quinn man.

Early Saturday morning there was no more waiting.
He knew immediately that the fun was over.
The hospital was waiting for him,
welcomed him in,
and told him...
"You will be staying here for a while."

Frankie had a heart attack...
He would need by-pass surgery and he would need it very soon.
As my friend said to me...
"Oh Wow, Cathy....
your baby brother
who I remember from 35th street."
Yes, that would be the one!

It was very hard to wait,
knowing what he was going through.
My brother had told Bubba the night before,
"If my heart doesn't start back beating,
well.... I'll just go on to be with Jesus.
The faith was there for all of us,
but it is still very hard until you hear.

Sally called late in the afternoon.
The doctor say he had done so well.
He came through...
God granted his heart new life.

This morning he was up in his chair drinking some water.
God's amazing grace to my sweet brother,
a gentle soul who is always there for us.

Get well soon!!!
Get home for Christmas!
We'll save the gifts until you feel like partying!!
I love you!!!

ps...I just talked to him!
Doctor is calling him a miracle.
He sounds so good.

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