Friday, December 18, 2015


I fell again.
This time I was on the six foot ladder
putting lights into the greenery on top of our hutch.

Yesterday...just after noon...home alone.
This was a zig-zag fall.
Losing my footing,
I bounced back and forth for a while
before I hit the floor....
Christmas lights and greenery on top of me.

Lying flat on the kitchen hardwood,
wedged between the island and the Viking,....
after regaining my breath,
I made an assessment.
hmmmm....I seem to be fine!

Ahead of me scattered on the floor
 was a sea of broken pottery,
Christmas lights,
my flip-flops,
and various ceramic figures
broken in half.
I couldn't even look at all of my much loved decorations.

The one thing I do remember
is seeing the hutch rocking back and forth as I fell.
It had not hesitated to spew most of its contents on the floor.
How it did not topple over is beside me.

I got up and walked to the bedroom...
laid myself out on the bed,
and waited for Bubba to get home.

A couple of hours later we were headed into town,
in a rainstorm, back to the ER.
Of everything, my back (left side) hurt the most.
We decided to go do the X-Ray thing again.

Exactly four hours later,
we were on our way home.
(See results above)

Nothing was broken,
no brain bleeds,
not as much blood as before even.
Slightly embarrassed,
greatly sore,
but held up by some really good pain pills,
I went to bed
thanking Him again and again.
 It could have been so much worse.

Before we left, my sweet husband cleaned up the mess
of broken cherished items...
I couldn't even look.
He sweetly said,
its not as bad as you think it is.
He had salvaged what he could,
and tried to put Humpty back together again.
He did a good job!

This has been a month of sorrows and pain but,
In everything God has blessed
the outcomes.
Somehow these times of our lives draw us closer to Him.
Christmas is not about glitter and gold,
it is about that tiny little baby
who grew up to be the Savior of the world.

To God be ALL the glory,
great & wonderful things
He has done!

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