Sunday, December 13, 2015

odds & ends

The fall....
This is the text that Lu sent out to
 David, Erika, and Bubba
 when I fell.
We were all real proud of her quick thinking.

I am getting better,
but still have a very sore left hand.
My black eye is dissipating...
moving down my face and becoming less and less visible.
Ribs still sore.
Hard to get up and down.

All the people in church this morning who saw my fall
were very impressed with my progress.

Lucy, Harry, Gus and Archie
helped me decorate our Christmas tree yesterday.
Harry was allowed on the ladder
to hang some of the ornaments,
then all of the others had a turn as well.
No catastrophe!!
I am still working on it tonight.
My perfectionist tendencies make this a tedious job for me.
The tree is real...
it smells great,
I love it!

Lu and her friend 
were designing leggings for a contest to
raise money for cancer research.
We both decided that I would look great in these.
I choose the skinny leg side for myself.

I let Lu have full creativity last night in
setting the table.
She mixed and matched all of my 
Christmas dinnerware, glasses, and napkins
and came up with what I think is 
a stunning display of talent.
I am teaching her how to throw an amazing dinner party.
I found the wooden candle holders
at the Goodwill while foraging with Amanda one day.

Got to get back to the tree.
It takes me forever,
We are late getting it up this year,
(because of my fall)
but it is worth all the effort...
a true masterpiece
made more beautiful by the little hands of my
grand babies.

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