Friday, December 11, 2015

get air with a friend

This was supposed to happen last Friday,
the day before Lucy's birthday.
Because of my untimely fall,
going to "Get Air"
was cancelled 
until Grammy regained her senses and quit bleeding.

Today, one week late,
I picked these two up after school,
took them to Chick -Fil-A for an awesome lunch,
and then off we went
 to the newest rage in Savannah.

"Get Air"
 is a huge expanse 
in the old Sam's building on Highway 17S.
The floor is covered with trampolines.
 obstacle courses,
basketball goals,
and those big plastic balls
that you bonk together in.

Lucy had a bit of a hard time standing up in hers.

But, she had no trouble at all bouncing as high as the sky,

or making a basket.
this makes making a basket so much easier.

Friends make jumping even more fun
when they do it together.

I want to take the boy grandchildren now...
They will love it!

Ten year old girls are so much fun.
You definitely keep me young,
Lucy Blue!

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