Tuesday, December 29, 2015

mark ~ my hero

We had a hot Christmas!
Lizards have not gone away like they usually do this time of year.
They are kinda half alive ~ half dormant.
They shouldn't be out and about,
but the very warm days have them confused.
I will preface this post with that bit of information.

We were late getting our tree this year
because of all the fallings
and when we did,
we left it outside for a few days,
leaning up against the house.
We even gave it a few dousings with the hose to moisten it up
before we brought it inside.

Decorating it was a process...
the grand kids helped.
There was a lot of "up close and personal" time with the tree for me...
 I was in and out, under, and way up top.
It turned out perfect,
and then the beautifully wrapped presents
finished it off.

We enjoyed it so much shining brightly there in the corner.
On Christmas Day it was lit before the sun came up.
We gathered around it,
took presents from under it,
and just relished in its beauty.

Christmas Day afternoon we gathered back
around the tree after our naps.
I forget who,
mentioned that there was a LIZARD in my 
that had been removed and set free by my
son in law Mark Hollingsworth.

At first I thought they were kidding me,
but they weren't.
Mark, sitting next to the tree,
noticed the LIZARD
lanquishng on the branch, 
listlessly watching
the goings on.

Mark....very quietly,
not making a big deal at all, 
captured the mini-dinosaur and set him free.
Immediately I began to wonder...
how many more are in there?
What will I do 
if they come out and are all over the house?

This is my worst nightmare come true, 
and to think,
 I was all over that tree
and I didn't know "he" was there,
watching me and laughing his head off.

Thank you Mark!
You are my hero!

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