Tuesday, December 8, 2015

me too ( this was written last Friday morning)

Last night was a big night for Lucy and Archie.
They were singing with their friends
at Independent Presbyterian Church 
in beautiful downtown
Savannah, Ga.

After dinner at Johnny Harris,
(the children looked so adorable all dressed up
in their Christmas finery)
off we went to start our Christmas Season with song.

Hurrying in with Lu,
I got my foot caught up in a metal tree fence,
(they are around all of the trees in
downtown Savannah)
dove headfirst into the brick sidewalk,
and was soon surrounded
by everybody that I know in Savannah.
Knocked cuckoo
and bleeding profusely from a laceration on my head,
almost like a scene from a disaster area,
 they all sprang into action.
Someone ran in and got me a chair...
someone else found towels
and applied pressure until the bleeding stopped,
another took their warm coat 
and covered my, by that time, shaking body.

Just like that,
they formed a circle and had a conference...
Yes they decided, 
we need to call an ambulance
 and have her checked out at the hospital.

never making it in to sing and drink hot chocolate,
they loaded me up instead
and took me on a long, bumpy ride to
Candler General.

My injuries were minor...
They glued my head wound back together,
(I will have a scar).
The took xrays of my ribs and my hand,
an MRI of my hard head,
gave me two percocet
 and a tetnus shot.

My angel last night was a guy named Brandon
who works in the ER at Memorial.
He stayed with me until I left in the ambulance.
One thing is for sure...
we will track him down 
and give him and his sweet wife
a gift card to where ever they had planned to dine last night.

Couldn't let Bubba get ahead of me.

I am sore,
I have a nasty black eye,
a sprained thumb,
and bruised ribs,
but once again God was faithful.
It could have been so much worse.
I am resting and healing
 and decorating my house for Christmas.
I curled my hair and took this selfie!!

*"Momentary light affliction."

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