Tuesday, December 1, 2015

lucy in the sky with diamonds

I love that they live at the beach.
We can drive down in the late afternoon
and stay on the beach until
the sun sets.

This girl is growing tall.
Love her sweater covered with stars,
her glowing in the almost dark tennis shoes,
her beautiful, long brown hair,
her smile.
I love how the dying rays have her bathed in light.

I have no idea what in the world 
that green glowing light is on the rock.

Tybee Island is the best!
I love to take pictures down there.

I am hoping,
to take this photography class that I saw on line
in the spring.
To take pictures,
share them on my blog,
and then write a bit is the love of my life.
Thank you for reading!

She and I,
we found two more baby starfish
in the rock pools.
God's amazing sea treasures
are always a source of great excitement and wonder.
He made them you know,
He put them there for us to see and enjoy.

to Him be all of the glory.....
great and wonderful things He has done.

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