Saturday, January 16, 2016

saturday afternoon bike ride

Off we go...
Lu & I,
all around the neighborhood
on this beautiful,
Saturday afternoon in the South.

True joy abounds when Lucy is around.
she is funny and smart,
she keeps me on my toes.
We had a long game of monopoly,
went to see a movie,
Made pancakes at the Funky Brunch,
and just had an all around good time.

Notice the helmet...
I decided to cave in and wear one
so that If I did fall,
at least my head would be protected.
I suppose they are very much the rage with the athletic types,
and of course I fit right in.

Thankful tonight for the
delicious meal that Bubba cooked for us,
the lovely weather,
time with family,
a comfy bed to get into soon,
a good book to read until I fall asleep.

"All good and perfect gifts come from our Father in heaven."

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