Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Happy Valentines's Day

Everything is hearts and flowers today.
It's a stay at home dinner for me and my Valentine.
Low country boil...
shrimp, corn, and sausage by candlelight.
a big bowl of vanilla Blue Bell ice cream
 with cherries and chocolate on top,

And for our viewing enjoyment...
 Fixer Upper...one episode and then early to bed.
Not so for Bubba, of course.
He likes the news and sports channels.

That's what makes for a good marriage...
finding just the right amount of togetherness and apartness.

What really holds it all together?
The love of God and our desire to please Him.
That vow we took so many years ago
where we promised to be true to each other until death parts us.
All that we have made together...
children and grandchildren,
our legacy of love for each other and little eyes always watching.

*photo of granddaddy by Eli...
I'm telling you he's got an eye for it.

*Congratulations to Eli for getting a solo in the Grandparent's Day Program.
We are so proud of you!!

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