Wednesday, February 22, 2017

writing the pages of her life....

About Grace.....

I talked to my sister last evening.
always nice to hear her voice, 
to know how it goes over there on the other side of the country..

On Saturday December 3, 2016,
Grace's life changed forever.
Carrying her much loved violin she stepped into a crosswalk
and her feet have not touched the ground since...
not one time.
Because of the nature of her injuries,
the repair work that was done,
she cannot bear her weight until all is completely healed.
She gets around in a wheelchair
while waiting for God to finish His work.
She is home with her husband Ivan in their little apartment.
Teri is her live in caregiver.

As the days of uncertainty stretch ahead,
(there is no end date for this suffering)
I hear that she is patient and kind,
never complains,
never asks why,
helps all she can,
works really hard at her therapy,
and is getting really good at waiting.

I chose the book above for her post tonight.
Her story is still being written.
Her life began anew on that night almost three months ago.
What God has for this precious couple is known only to Him.
She has come so, so far.
She is coming back to life slowly, steadily.

I write tonight to ask you to continue to pray for Grace, for Ivan, for Teri.
Pray that Grace will continue to heal.
Pray that God will continue to bless her with a sweet, precious spirit.
Pray for Ivan as he graduates and looks for a job,
as he ministers to his young bride,
as they try to honor God in their circumstances.
Pray for their financial etc.
Pray that God will continue to give Teri energy and patience in her role as caregiver.
I could go on and on.
God has blessed so much already.
He has heard those prayers.
Thank you so much.

I pray that Grace's new book, as it is being written, will bring much hope to all who are suffering.
It is in Christ that we can cope with such pain and sadness.
I pray you know Him tonight.

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