Monday, February 20, 2017

yesterday....feeding the sea birds

We are continuing to bask in this beautiful weather.
Went to the beach yesterday with Harry and his Granddaddy.
I grabbed some stale bread on the way out of the house.
It took a little while,
 but finally we had about 25 birds
 and squawking around us.
They would come and take the bread crumbs out of our hands,
catch them in midair,
and fight each other for every last scrap.
On the way back from the beach we named all 25 of the birds.

Here are just a few....
Snapper Two
Mary Poppins
and on the list goes.

A couple of Harry musings...
1. "Grammy, do you think you would like to live on a ferry boat?"
Seems like that would be very monotonous and limiting
going back and forth from one side of the river to the other don't you think??

2. "Grammy, do you color your hair?"
"I don't see very much white."
Bless you child!

3. Our Christmas tree is still laying back in the woods behind the house....
dead as a doornail.
"Grammy, if you leave the Christmas tree where it is until Easter, we can hide our Easter eggs in it."
*Why is it always SO hard for Bubba to haul that thing off??

Harry and I watched the second Harry Potter movie when we got home.
We stayed up very late.
We ate ice cream and Coca Cola cake.

Oh, speaking of the Coca Cola cake....
Bubba absolutely loved it!
He has requested it be his birthday cake in May.

Snapper and Snapper Two going for a bread crumb in mid air.


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