Wednesday, March 22, 2017

an afternoon at the beach.....

with my Lu.
The temps soared into the eighties yesterday.
Lucy and I stopped by Target to buy a beach chair and headed on down.
The beach was absolutely beautiful.
I sat in my chair and she dug in the sand,
then we walked and walked seeing all of the sights.

Of course the big cargo ships always put on a fabulous show.
There were several fully loaded mammoths 
making their way out into the ocean.
Nothing like seeing them turn the corner and disappear.
I never tire of this sight.

There were thousands of jellyfish
 littering the edge where the sand and water meet.
Lucy tried to rescue some of them by pushing them back into the water,
but I think that was a fruitless pursuit.
When a jellyfish is dead there is no coming back to life.

Lucy made a footprint heart and wrote "I Love Gram" in it.
The big wave from the ship that passed quickly washed it away.
That's what happens on the beach.

We found this piece of driftwood.
Wonder where it came from/ where it has been?

We saw this seagull 
chowing down on a dead jellyfish 
and were kind of grossed out.
That's the way of the sea though.

Beautiful blue sky...not a cloud in sight,
just enough sun to turn our skin pink.
We were lulled by the gentle waves and left feeling
happy and content.

Lu and I stopped by the Crab shack on the way home.
Shrimp and crab legs by the river;
and, oh please, throw in a deviled crab.

"Gram, while you pay, I'm going to say goodbye to the birds,"
(they have a room full of exotic birds on display.)
"Okay Lu, I'll meet you there."
What a wonderful day.

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