Tuesday, March 7, 2017

eli is ten

I cannot believe that half of my grandchildren
 have already reached double digits.
On the other hand,
it is those very same grandchildren,
all of them,
that keep me young at heart.

Eli turns ten today.
He started out as a preemie,
tiniest baby I had every held in my arms.
I ran out to the store to buy some little clothes for him.
They looked like doll clothes to me.
This year for his birthday he has asked for a blazer to wear next week 
for Grandparent's Day at school.
He calls it a "suit."
He has a solo part in the program.
We will be among the proudest grandparents there!

I love this boy.
The picture above captures his personality.
"Sunny & bright."
We were at the manatee viewing area.
He had asked to use my camera.
He took over a hundred pictures over the course of our stay.
I begged him at the end to let me get a picture of him.
He has asked for a camera for his birthday too.
the bluest of blue eyes,
beachy blond hair,
loving & kind,
a sprinkling of freckles.

Thanking God today that He blessed us with this very special boy.

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