Thursday, March 2, 2017

restless heart

This is my favorite quote.
I go back to it so very often.
If anyone ever had a restless heart it was me.
Always looking for something....never knowing what.
Never realizing it was God Himself
that was the object of my search.

All of us have a place in the depths of our souls that only God can fill.
We were created that way, made for Him.
When sin entered His creation,
 we started looking elsewhere for our satisfaction.
We were convinced that this world,
 with all of its pretty trinkets,
 could satisfy that longing in our heart. 
The truth is though, 
we can spend our whole life searching for what we think will bring us satisfaction,
 and we will never find it until we find it in Him.
 God completes us,
 He satisfies our deepest longing, 
He fills up our emptiness with His perfect Love.

Seems as if it has taken me my whole lifetime to realize this truth.
I work it out day by day in ways I would never have imagined.
I find Him in His word.
He never ceases to amaze me.
He is very patient.
This is a truth for all of us who call ourselves believers.

If you read my previous post,
 you saw my excitement that Mama Goosy was back sitting on her nest by the side of the road. Yesterday she was gone and this pile of feathers was all that remained.
Made me sad.

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