Thursday, March 30, 2017

putting it back together again

beach condo,
work day.
🐬🐬🐬dolphin-sightseeing boat,
beautiful sailboat,⛵
low tide,
not really work with this view.

Next Wednesday we will have our first rental guests
in our beach condo since
 Hurricane Matthew.
We were almost finished a couple of months ago,
when a torrential rain came,
(I don't think it has rained since then) 
and crashed through the newly painted ceiling
landing on the just laid new flooring.
 What a mess and a setback. 

We are almost back!
A few more days!

It is kinda like on Fixer Upper when 
Chip Gaines does all the hard work 
and then  he hands it over to JoAnna to add the beautiful touches.
Bubba has worked so hard!
He has truly felt the weight of all that goes with 
restoration and renovation.
Now I get to go in and make it look lovely.

these seahorse lamps I found at Target.
It's the little touches,
like this lamp,
that make a dwelling come alive.
*I decorate with love. ♥

My last post was about some things that help my depression.....
another is hard work.
So thankful to have this project
in this most amazingly beautiful setting.
I still have to hang drapes and pictures
 and place the pretty things around,
but it is almost done.
New slip-covered sofa.


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