Saturday, March 18, 2017

grandparent's day...

Jupiter Christian School.

Just back, again, from south Florida.
This time we celebrated Eli's tenth birthday
and were honored at Grandparent's Day.
Grades K-3 through Fourth Grade sang for an hour.
They sang their little hearts out.
They sang praise and worship songs.
It was so good and so honoring to God.
I cried with joy.
We were truly blessed.
Eli and a friend sang together at the microphone.
We were so proud of him and all of the children.

Eli was so excited to get his "suit."
That would be the sharp, navy blue blazer he is wearing.
He insisted on the red tie....
"No bow tie please," he said.

In his classroom, still in his "suit,"
he was seated at his desk waiting for me 
with that red rose I am holding and his book of poetry,
 which I brought home to enjoy.

I will say this....
whether it is watching Eli sing,
or kissing them goodnight,
or giggling in the back seat with them while driving to dinner,
or eating ice cream at the Dairy Queen,
it is an honor and a privilege to be a grandparent to these boys.
They are truly God's blessings for us in our "older" age.

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