Wednesday, May 3, 2017

100 years...

 Bubba's mother,
Vera Barbee Cleland, 
would have been one hundred years old.
He started months ago 
asking me to do a blog on this day.
As I thought about what picture to share I chose this one.
She was still a young lady,
Very beautiful.

Actually she lived a very long life.
I think she was relatively healthy her whole life.
She worked hard.
She was ninety when she died.

We were talking about her this morning....
Remembering her life and times.
Bubba would have to write this to recall his childhood memories
as he does so often with me.
Some of my fondest memories are the times we were gathered around 
a table loaded with delicious food she had cooked with love.

I know beyond a shadow of a doubt 
that this is Bubba's favorite picture of his mother.
She raised him.
She sacrificed for him.
She rejoiced to see him married.
She dearly loved our children!
she was by his side the day he got pinned as a Colonel in the
United States Air force....
a very proud and happy day for all of us.

Bubba loved his mother well.
She loved him well too.
To God be ALL the glory!!

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