Tuesday, May 2, 2017

my yard makes me happy...

It is a gorgeous spring day.
There is a warm breeze.
We had much needed rain last night
and today....
everything is glowing.

These are some of the flowers that the deer ate on the first day I brought them home.
They are thriving now.

If you look closely,
on the porch is a spray bottle of deer deterrent.
I use it faithfully.

These grace the front porch.
These too were eaten by the deer but have staged a comeback.

Look at the top left of the chair.
They just love to taunt me.
The lizard repellent that I paid a fortune for online
did no good whatsoever.
I was hoodwinked for sure.

I have a simple little garden this year.
That's okay,
it makes me very happy!

This morning when I went outside
 the air was heavy with the scent of Jasmine.
Only God can scent the very air that way.

"Sweet days of summer,
the jasmines in bloom."

Summer Breeze
Seals and Croft.

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